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    Wow! Thanks a lot.

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    No problem, I might have to come back to this thread, if I'm in need of a good RPG style game xD
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    I heard that its pretty good but I don't like click-to-move games. Anyways, this post should have been posted in MMO section.

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    Nah, this deserves a sticky, as this list is quite extensive, I just don't have time to check all of them out unfortunately.

    Dang, spammer.

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    It was a nice job guy!

    Awesome list. I only tried Rapplez. It is great game.

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    You should also give RS a try, I think I'm the only one here who plays it lol.
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    thank you...............

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    Great List.. I don't suppose you could show which ones work for us poor shmups without broadband

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    nice man thanks :P

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    Silk Road looks awesome, but i'm not sure if it's still around. Every time I find a download link, it's dead.

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