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    how old is this website? maybe someone should write a wikipedia entry for "gamesforum" and write about this website and it's history.

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    I doubt it would be accepted

    Lol, well uhh... it started in like 2002 I think, I joined last year, TIMUS and Silence are actually one of the veterans, as well as Gamer Boy.
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    It's actually hilarious how I found this website. I remember way back I was a member of some cheesy gaming forum; but everyone was a bunch of bellends so I went looking for a new one. Funnily enough I googled "games forum" and this is what I found!

    I was just looking around the site at first. But eventually, I signed up, and well, that's history. Life changing for me I suppose.

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    google thats all really...and to the wiki thing anyone can post there :/

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    i made a thread the exact same to this lol

    i made it here by being re-directed by my browser from a cheats site called, i had a little typo and somehow my browser took me to gamesfourm, lol.

    thats my story

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    I searched for ' Game Forum ' on google because I wanted to chat with people about games. And here it is!

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    Looks like everyone used Google
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    I think we can all agree that google was the source of how we found this site
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