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    Oh boy, this thread will not die like, ever.

    For Smash 4, these days I tend to main Marth. After him it's Dr Mario, Donkey Kong and Lucario.

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    I usually go with Little Mac, cause he's crazy fast. I also like the villager and zero suit Samus.

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    Top 3 for me:
    Call of Duty Black Ops
    Donkey Kong Country Returns
    Resident Evil 4

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    I may be a little dated, but my favorite is Lucas from Brawl. I still haven't played the new version of him in Wii U, however he is still my main. His stick that he used for a quick hit when some comes charging towards you has saved me from a ton of tight situations. Also his energy ball that recovered some percentage was handy when fighting characters who were quick with a trigger. His up smash is also one of the most satisfying moves that worked with my fighting style, as it was hard to time, but worked best to gain the advantage. He is a quick character, and once handled correctly was one of the best to handle.

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